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Educational Games

A curated list of educational games to develop critical thinking and digital literacy skills to detect misinformation on a wide-range of topics (not just about the Russia-Ukraine war).


Players manipulate tweets to maximize likes and credibility scores, gaining insights into COVID-19 misinformation techniques.

Players assume the role of a BBC reporter, tasked with making crucial decisions regarding the story publication and the credibility of sources.
Real, LOLZ, oops or fake?
Players assess segments of a news story, testing their ability to detect fake stories through classifying stories as Real, LOLZ, journalist error, or fake.
Moderator Mayhem
As a content moderator, players decide the fate of various reviews to determine what remains on the website and what gets taken down.
Troll Factory
Players are immersed in information operations on social media, to illustrate the impact of fake news on the widespread anti-immigration material.

Bad News Game

Players seek to gain followers through spreading disinformation and fake news, through tweets and decision prompts.

Harmony Square Game
Players assume the role of the Chief Disinformation Officer to manipulating democratic values, exposing the effect of manipulation techniques.

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