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A curated list of projects and initiatives aimed at investigating and verifying Russian propaganda and disinformation on and offline.

EUvsDisinfo has created a database of disinformation claims and a fact sheet of common myths regarding the Russia-Ukraine conflict.
Detector Media collects and documents real-time chronicles of the Kremlin disinformation about the Russian invasion. investigates and verifies Kremlin propaganda and disinformation.
Propaganda Diary has created a database of Russian fakes, disinformation, and propaganda from two countries – Italy and Germany.
Stanford Internet Observatory Cyber Policy Center has created an article that examines Kremlin propaganda about Ukraine.

The European Digital Media Observatory analyses disinformation to better understand the effect it has on society.

Bellingcat tracks and investigates a variety of topics using open source and social media information.
The Digital Forensics Lab tracks disinformation campaigns with the goal of revealing falsehoods and fake news.

The Eyes on Russia Map collects and verifies videos, photos, satellite imagery and other media
related to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

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