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Welcome to the Russia-Ukraine ConflictMisinfo Research Portal, a rapid response project of the Social Media Lab at Toronto Metropolitan University. The portal is a resource for analysts and researchers interested in studying the nature and scale of online misinformation and disinformation about the Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

An information management tool for monitoring online misinformation and disinformation about the Russia-Ukraine war. It tracks and visualizes debunked claims from 100s of trusted fact-checkers worldwide. Debunked claims are collected live and auto-translated into English, Ukrainian and Russian.

A geo-visualization of debunked claims about the Russia-Ukraine war that specifically reference a geographical location.

A public report examining the extent to
which Canadians are exposed to and
might be influenced by pro-Kremlin
propaganda on social media based on a
census-balanced national survey of
1,500 Canadians.

*Also see the coverage of this report in The Conversation

A curated list of projects and initiatives aimed at investigating and countering Russian propaganda and disinformation on and offline.

 Curated list of publicly available datasets for studying dis- & misinformation campaigns on social media in the context of the Russia-Ukraine war.