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Welcome to the Russia-Ukraine ConflictMisinfo Research Portal, a rapid response project of the Social Media Lab at Toronto Metropolitan University. The portal is a resource for analysts, researchers, and members of the public who are interested in understanding the nature and scale of online misinformation and disinformation around the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Learn more.

📊 Russia-Ukraine ConflictMisinfo Dashboard 

An information management tool for monitoring online misinformation and disinformation about the Russia-Ukraine war. It tracks and visualizes debunked claims from 100s of trusted fact-checkers worldwide. Debunked claims are collected live and auto-translated into English, Ukrainian and Russian.

🗺️ Russia-Ukraine ConflictMisinfo Geo-Map

A geo-visualization of debunked claims about the Russia-Ukraine war that specifically reference a geographical location.

📝 The Reach of Russian Propaganda and Disinformation in Canada

A public report examining the extent to which Canadians are exposed to and might be influenced by pro-Kremlin propaganda on social media based on a census-balanced national survey of 1,500 Canadians.

❗ [New paper] Factors that Contribute to Belief in Pro-Kremlin Disinformation on Social Media

A new study in Social Media + Society examines factors that predict belief in pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives regarding the Russia–Ukraine war.

📚 External Resources

A curated list of projects and initiatives to investigate and counter Russian propaganda and disinformation on/offline.

🧩 Educational Games

A curated list of educational games to develop critical thinking and digital literacy skills to detect misinformation on various topics.

🗃️ External Datasets

A curated list of publicly available datasets for studying dis & misinformation campaigns on social media in the context of the Russia-Ukraine war.

❗[New] Senate of Canada Hearing

Social Media Lab’s Directors Anatoliy Gruzd & Philip Mai’s visit to Ottawa, featuring remarks by Dr. Gruzd to the Senate Committee on National Security, Defence and Veterans Affairs on ways to mitigate the impact of Russian disinformation.